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Promoting an offer in-store

Since the onset of the recession, retailers have had to be more particular about their marketing.

Rather than spending huge amounts on marketing through via expensive media channels like television, magazines or billboards, many retailers are resorting to most cost-effective advertising methods.

One method of marketing that many stores overlook is that point of sale marketing inside their store. By making improvements to the way they highlight special offers or promotions, retailers may find that they make more revenue per customer that enters their store.

This article suggests strategies that retailers could use to boost their in-store marketing.

Make It Obvious

The cost of posters, promotional badges and in-store signage is relatively cheap when compared to media-based marketing, so it is certainly worth making it obvious that a promotion is going on. Use bright colours, big fonts and put as many posters up as possible. If customers are able to read about offers whilst walking past the store they may be more inclined to enter and even buy a product.

Staff Training

Retail staff, especially those working on the checkout, should be trained to ask customers whether they would like to take advantage of an offer. Many stores place small products that are on offer right by the checkout so that customers can pick it up on impulse after checkout staff ask them if they would like to.


Many retailers play music for their staff and customers through speakers attached to their ceiling. These speakers also provide the perfect opportunity for cheap in-store marketing. It should be relatively easy to organise for a staff member to announce a special offer over the tannoy or for pre-recorded advertisements to play on an intermittent basis. Many of Britain's supermarkets utilise this strategy particularly well.

Putting more effort into these marketing techniques could result in a more cost-effective overall marketing campaign.

About the author: David Smith is a part-time writer and loves to travel a lot. Here he has given some ideas on how to promote an offer in-store for promotional badges from Big.

How to start an online business

If you've seen your physical sales dwindling in recent years, it might be worth checking in with the online world. In under five Google searches of 'e-commerce' you'll probably find an article offering the lowdown on the online shopping market and what it means for companies. In short, retailing as a whole is changing; customers want convenience and the ability to assess their options in just a few clicks.

E-commerce to the consumer is a condensed version of the shopping experience and - as long as couriers continue to provide a high level of service - they can't find a good reason why it shouldn't be embraced. There's also no reason why your business shouldn't be selling products online. If you've ever toyed with this idea but doubted your technical ability to set up shop, here's what you need for a basic operation:


Much like your shop address, a domain is where people can find you in the online world. It's your unique internet address which you have to apply for, almost like a trademark or patent. The domain should be registered in your own name - thus giving you the freedom to move to another address should you so wish.


A web host will sometimes include the domain in their package. So, unless you've got a particular company in mind, it might be worth acquiring your 'space' and address on the web through the same company. A web host will provide you with your own little corner in their servers, which store away all of your data.


If you're not the most competent of designers, it might be worth handing the reins over to a specialist. Jot down what you want you see on the site - what it's used for, what you're promoting etc. - and take what you have into a meeting. It's also worth keeping your brand image in mind whilst planning a design - you want the website to be an extension of your existing service.


Here's the fun part; where you get paid. It might be worth doing a spot of shopping yourself to find the right merchant, as you don't want to be dealing with heavy set-up costs early on. Most will choose a company which will allow them to change their contract according to growth.


Unless you're offering customers downloadable products, you then need to find a reliable courier to complete the sale. Perhaps seek web reviews and advice from other businesses before selecting the right firm, but the bigger companies are equipped to cater for a wide range of needs.

What skills do I need to be in Close Protection?

Close protection officers (formerly known as bodyguards) aren't just heaving piles of walking muscle. As well as having a physically commanding presence, they need to be extremely switched-on individuals.

on surveillance

This is because risks can come from all directions, at all times. They can't blankly assume that the biggest risks to another individual, convoy, or piece of cargo, is necessarily going to be a hostile human being, up close. There are plenty of other risks that include natural factors like adverse weather conditions, or the mere overcrowding of public venues.

It's for these reasons that close protection trainers will teach fledgling recruits a variety of skills:


Some call it a 'gut feeling', others are just naturally observant, but close protection officers need to be extremely perceptive individuals if they are to foresee the worst; acknowledging that it could happen at any given moment.

This means that they'll be constantly monitoring the mood of the environment around them, looking for potential trouble-makers or fans - as well as physical obstacles that could prevent getting out the nearest exit in the event of an emergency.


It's not easy to keep an eye on everything and everyone at all times, yet this is the core duty of any close protection officer. There's no margin for error; no room for complacency. A close protection office must stay focused on the job at all times to ensure the safety of their client.


Patience they say is a virtue and this is most certainly true for close protection staff. Some jobs last not just for hours, but days. Officers could be protecting the interests of politicians, or other persons of importance, for a long tour across many parts of the country - or world even - often requiring overnight protection.

It's also possible that guard duties could involve manning doors for hours, or queueing in the airport. Again, it's in instances like this where keeping cool and focused is absolutely key to being a commanding protection officer.

Online Marketing Basics for Promoting Your Local Self Storage Center

Search-Engine-MarketingThe ways in which people get all of their information are rapidly changing. Self-service storage centers used to drive most of their business with display advertising in the local phone book and in the local newspaper. While those methods were effective, they were also very expensive.

As technology continues to advance, more and more people are using the Internet to find local self-service storage centers. This is great news for the owners of these businesses because, in most cases, Internet resources are either inexpensive or free. When you are marketing your self-service storage center online, there are some basics you need to follow.

Google Places

If you have ever searched for a business on Google and been presented with a map with red dots on it, then you have used Google Places. The catch is that a business is not automatically listed on Google Places. The business owner has to create the listing with Google before the company will show up as a red dot on the local Google business map.

The basic service that gets your business listed as a result in a local Google search is free. All you need to do is start an account and register your company. Google also gives you the option to pursue other marketing services that may cost some money, but could be very effective for you.

Local Directories

You can get your self-service storage center listed on a local Internet business directory and benefit from the high search engine rankings that these directories get. To find these directories, you can do a simple Internet search and you will be able to find the most popular directories for your local area.

Keep in mind that local directories may or may not cost you money to become a part of. But if the end result is that your self-storage center consistently shows up at the top of local business search results, then it is worth the investment.

Your Own Website

These days it is difficult to market a business without a website. Your self-service storage center website can be a valuable resource for your customers that can include your contact information, your hours of operation and your pricing. A website helps people to find your business and allows potential customers to compare your business to others in your area.

The Internet is a crowded place, but there are plenty of effective ways for you to market your self-service storage center online and get great results.

Casey Haslem is a writer for Storage.comChicago.  In her spare time she reads old poetry and takes painting classes. If you'd like to find a storage unit in your area, you can do so here:

If You Aren’t Sure Of Where To Invest, Try Leasing A Tourist Home?

Investment is always going to be tricky. This is the reason why most investors do not become millionaires but have you considered a real estate investment? Because there are certain plans that work really well and yet are fairly unknown. One of those plans is leasing a tourist home or holiday spot house, in order to recognise a rental income from it.

tourist home

With tourist homes, the investor makes a double hit. It offers both a pied-à-terre for the holidays and a profitable real estate investment. The winter holidays arrive and with them grow the desire to own a pied-à-terre in the mountains. Unfortunately, this type of purchase is never very profitable (high maintenance costs, vacancy, etc) unless you invest in a tourism specialist.

Tourist homes are often new developments (houses or flats) used exclusively for rental and assorted services such as catering, hospitality, linen rental, cleaning, childcare, etc.

To become the owner, just hire a housing developer and then sign a commercial lease for a term of nine to eleven years with the management company of the residence. It plays a vital role. It is she, who will furnish housing, find tenants, maintain the premises, collect the rent, etc. In short, she takes care of everything. Including paying you for at least nine years a net rent expense, which amount was fixed at the time of purchasing the property.

The commercial lease commits you to at least nine years with the operator of the residence. In the event of financial problems, it is impossible to terminate the lease early or resell the property.

The mode of acquisition depends on the use you are going to have for the housing. The investment is purely for rental income. This is the preferred option, if you do not intend to occupy the premises and it is only the rental income you want. In this case, the dwelling is rented all year round and you see the rentals as a return on your investment.

An investment for housing benefit. You pass an agreement with the manager to occupy the property personally a few weeks a year. Obviously, during this period, you do not cash rent. In addition, profitability of the investment is lower. However, in return, you will not spend money for the holidays, since its lease is already owned by you.

You are able to swap for a while if you wish. It is not always desirable to spend your holidays in one place; it is possible to exchange your holiday home with another owner for a few weeks. For the perfect investment, choose an expert investment company like Falcon International Estates and a well-located residence. In the mountains near renowned resorts with big ski areas are always safe bets. At the seaside or the countryside, make sure the site is well served (highway, railway etc.) and can offer various leisure all year round. In towns or near airports, tourist homes, sales are gaining ground. They cater mostly businesspersons, who want to live more independently than the hotel allows, usually, taking pets and having family visits etc.

In conclusion, if you want to recognise a rental income from a lease, then a tourist home and tourist location will serve you better than simply buying to let. It is a competent way to see a manageable profit from your investment.

Author Bio - Arthur Beansprout uses Falcon International Estates to manage his investments, and used some of the money they made him in order to lease a holiday home, which he now rents out for a profit.

How Can You Choose Some Of The Best Personalised Gifts For Her

Choosing a present for someone is not always an easy challenge. After all, you want to ensure that the person you are buying gift for likes it and that it makes a lasting impression. You do not want to buy something which is generic and that they would have received a million times before. This balance between opting for something ‘safe’ and picking something which is unique and original is quite often an extremely difficult one to gage.

Personalized Gifts for herHowever, one of the best ways to guarantee that your present is met with a bright smile is to go for one of the many available personalised gifts for her. Personalised gifts are a great option because they are unique solely to the person receiving them and thus they ensure that the person knows you have put a lot of thought into deciding what to buy them. Personalised presents scream that you have spent an awful lot of time and effort trying to ensure that the person is happy with their gift. This is something which is bound to be greatly appreciated.

So what personalised gift should you go for? There is evidently a huge selection of different types of personalised presents for you to choose from. One of the most popular ones for women is to buy a charm bracelet and fill it with charms which mean something to the person receiving the present. For instance, you could select an array of charms which signify special times you have both spent together. Not only is this a thoughtful gift but an extremely stylish and fashionable one too.

If a charm bracelet does not appeal to you then why not consider buying a photo frame or a scrap book. If you buy a photo frame then make sure that you choose a special picture. If you can, try and opt for one which the recipient has not seen before, as this will be a nice surprise. It is also vital that you pick a nice photo frame as well as the picture you are going to put in it, try to go for something original such as a vintage photo frame, rather than all the generic ones you see in the shops at the moment. If you are going to go for the scrap book option then sit down and logically think of everything you want to include before jumping in and filling the pages. After all, this takes a lot of time and effort and I am certain you will not want to have to start all over again.

Obviously charm bracelets and photo based presents are not the only types of personalised gifts for her that you can choose from. There are also the likes of engraved champagne glasses, a locket or a specially designed hamper. The choices are simply endless. Nevertheless, no matter what you choose, as long as you opt for something which is personal to the person receiving it then you can rest assured that they will love the present.

The Latest Trends in Custom Built Exhibition Stands – Materials and Shapes

Custom built exhibition stands stand slightly apart from the run of the mill. They occupy no predetermined footprint (that is, they aren’t forced to comply with the normal shell scheme stand oblong, or collection of consecutive oblongs), and because they’re built with a specific show in mind they can utilise shapes and design elements unavailable to the modular or shell scheme alternative.


As such the imagination runs free – and in the past that’s been a cue for heavy materials, cumbersome stand designs and installations that can take days to set up.
Modern stand design focuses on more lightweight materials – which can be built for less and shipped for less, and which are far easier to put together in situ once all the parts arrive at the exhibition hall.
Fabric is being used increasingly to create colours, accents and intriguing shapes – which can, for example, be moulded to represent the logo of the company whose stand it is. Fabric is also being used to create a backdrop for text and informational graphics, or to make a translucent screen in front of those informational installations. The fabric is dense enough to create the enclosure required to separate the space from the rest of the hall – but light enough to create an illusion that there is more space than there actually is.
Metal is preferred in custom built exhibition stands serving specific industries – namely medical; retail industries; and bathroom and kitchen manufacturers. For a long term installation, metal is very cost effective – it’s strong and resistant to accidental damage in a way that fabric generally isn’t.
Lighting has changed over the last few years too. Where many exhibitors used to be satisfied with the in house lighting at the display centre, they now prefer to use in-stand lighting design to create the right mood or highlight specific products or stand areas. When used in conjunction with fabric, lighting may also be utilised to separate different parts of a stand into “rooms” without constricting the available space.
The choice of shape in stand design has evolved to reflect the use of CAD and other design programs at the creation stage of the process. Computer programs make it easier to design stands using geometric and organic shapes. Waves, curves and plant like forms are all common in modern stand design as the makers of custom built exhibition stands attempt to create installations that capture the eye and excite the curiosity.
Colour is an important factor to consider too. Current trends are for reasonably conservative or neutral overall colours for a stand, with brighter colours being used to accent the installation. This is not the only game in town, mind. Some exhibitors also see great success with very brightly coloured stand designs, which naturally stand out from the neighbouring installations. Of course in the cases where a very aggressively coloured stand is successful, there is normally a parallel to be drawn with product colours (for example the near-fluorescent green of a tennis ball) or the company colours of the stand owner.

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